The Man in the (Rearview) Mirror

Like you, FishbowlLA has heard the news today that Michael Jackson won’t be serving jury duty in Santa Barbara County because the “Neverland” ranch isn’t his primary residence anymore.

Ok. Deep breath. Let’s leave aside the panting, inevitible Larry King-izing of where he’ll eventually settle, can we?


(Ok. One quick guess. Ours? Bahrain, where curiously, a Spandex-for-Less franchise in Manama has just opned and on the same day received an order for 400 white, Lycra jumpsuits)

Imagine, for a moment: The process by which a work-a-day trial attorney might seek to have Jackson disqualified from the jury pool?

“Mr. Jackson…It is Mr., isn’t it? As you know, this is a slip-and-fall case. Have you had any experiences with personal liability cases that might bias you?”


No further questions, Bobo.