The Lorne Michaels ‘Snorting Laugh’

Former SNL writer Adam McKay recalls how he was once able to claim a rare prize

When The Daily Show won the first of seven Primetime Emmys for Outstanding Writing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Program in 2001, SNL writer Adam McKay was among the category losers. But that’s OK, because he has a claim to something even rarer – making Lorne Michaels snort-laugh.

From McKay’s great essay in Rolling Stone ahead of this Sunday’s big 40th anniversary show:

The best prize you can get at SNL is to get a snorting laugh from Lorne at a read-through. It happened eight, maybe nine times during the six years I was there. I mean, Lorne will laugh. He’s not one of those guys who’s so jaded he gives the cold face to all humor. But the snorting laugh was special. I got him once with a sketch I wrote called “The Hulk Hogan Talk Show.” [Will] Ferrell got him a few times; so did Molly Shannon.

McKay, who with Ferrell went on to make the Anchorman movies, launch Funny or Die and so much more, says that to this day he still primarily when it comes to SNL gets the question – “What is Lorne like?” To read his answer, click here.

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