The Little Hand is on 6 and the Big Hand is on…

Salon’s Mike Madden is the latest perpetrator in a crime wave known as The Missed White House Pool Duty. The offense has occured three times in the past two months, with excuses varying from ‘Oops, I no longer work at the paper’ (a darn good excuse), to ‘I got there on time, but everyone was already gone’.

Madden’s excuse is pretty weak — the dog ate my Pool Report schedule (well, pretty much). Madden missed the Pool Duty boat today because of an “alarm mishap” — Madden’s way of saying ‘mistakes were made’. At first I thought that meant that some alarm had gone off at the White House, preventing him from hopping on the van. Nope. I was thinking way too deeply — he really meant alarm issues, as in he set his alarm for p.m. instead of a.m.

“Set my alarm for 6:50, without noticing it was 6:50 p.m. instead of a.m.,” Madden told FishbowlDC in an e-mail. “Call time was 8 a.m.; I got to the White House a little before 9, but the motorcade had already arrived at Sasha’s basketball game.”

Thankfully AP’s Pablo Monsivais covered for him. We suggest he cover Monsivais’s next early morning shift at the White House.

Madden’s Pool Report:

Pool report #1, 3/13/10

POTUS and FLOTUS left the WH at 8:34 for an uneventful ride to Chevy Chase, where Sasha is playing basketball, arriving at 8:57. Your pool is holding in the vans. (Note: Your pooler is at the WH, having missed the motorcade because of an alarm mishap; Pablo Monsivais of AP graciously provided this update.)

Mike Madden Washington correspondent