The Little Frog That Can

frog.jpgThanks to cousin Unbeige for pointing us to ihaveanidea’s profile of StrawberryFrog, an ad agency with only 100 people internationally that serves such consumer behemoths as Heineken, Old Navy and TBS. Unlike the “dinosaurs” of yore, they’re nimble, quick, flexible, and use the new world of distributed work:

Its leader, Montreal-native Scott Goodson best words it as “You don’t need an army with thousands of people to manage a $100 million national advertising campaign.” That quote is the verbal equivalent of a Madison Ave. dinosaur-killing meteorite. The model works by simply tapping into StrawberryFrog’s international freelance pool, which is composed of over 350 people. When they get a big assignment, they grab as many freelancers as they need to get the job done. If the client cuts the budget, then they cut the manpower. It’s that simple.

And it’s not all grindingly contractual or whip-cracking. Employees get chef-made meals, massages, an annual retreat and do “quite a bit of drinking.” Lots more good details in the ihaveanidea piece.