The Knot Will Debut A Print Version Of “The Nest”

The Knot is set to debut a print version of its popular “nesting” website for couples (despite that, here in New York at least, we ladypeople are all going to end up alone or in Poughkeepsie), The Nest, in June 2010. The magazine will extend the site’s focus on decor, money management and relationship tips for young, co-habitating couples. Before, a print version was available only to select, newly-married members of The Knot, and was not sold on newsstands.

The magazine will only be available at select stores, including Barnes & Noble, Borders, Target and Walmart.

As more and more couples in their 20s and 30s elect to live together before marriage or remain childless in the years following, it’ll be interesting to see how else a publication like The Nest will seek to extend its brand: Bed linens? Kitchen supplies? Handcuffs?