The Kneeling Curve: Scientific Icon?


We’re stuck with a conundrum: is it still design if it was created by nature? Wait, don’t answer that. Then we might start getting into a sticky place and start getting links to the Creation Museum. So let’s just plug right ahead into this interesting story. It’s about The Kneeling Curve, which shows the upward movement of rising carbon dioxide on the planet. While the story is largely about just how the Curve came into being nearly 50 years ago at the hands of Charles David Keeling, it also doubles as an argument for it to be included up there among the other science icons, like “E=mc2 and the double helix.” So we’re considering this a story about branding, in a way. Even if you don’t necessarily agree with us, just keep your trap shut and read the darn story. You might learn something, you know?