The Kind That Won’t Make You Hate Your New-To-The-Internet Family Members


Bizarre as it might sound, given that you usually receive these things from your mother or the like, and they ordinarily involve singing cats or terrible jokes, but the e-cards on the site Maxtango are actually really interesting. Launched just days ago, the site looks to propel the e-card to something more than it is now. Or at least, that’s what we gather from the few ones they currently have available for sending. Plus it’s all free and made by designers just for the fun of it. We don’t want to get into the “we’re designing just so they can get rich” argument, so we’ll leave it at that. But the round-about point of this post is that they’re now having an event called “The ECard Design World Championship” where you design a card, some judges will judge it, and then you’ll win something (what hasn’t been decided yet. So if you’re up for it, or you have some idea that involves a hilarious scenario wherein a cat is hanging from a tree branch, maybe now’s your shot.