The Journo Odd Couple

Today we feature what we hope to be one of many pairs of interviews we conduct with journalists from opposing sides of the political spectrum. Can’t we all get along? Of course not. And worse, we’d all be out of business and bored if everyone got along. The purpose here isn’t to foster better feelings between journalists on either end of the spectrum. It’s to see what happens when we bring two opposing forces together, be it a brawl, a handshake or a kiss. We’ll rate the temperature of the interview in flames on a scale of 1 to 10 flames (1 is obviously lukewarm, 10 is get the hell out of the building and fast!).

Our debut guinea pigs are Current TV’s and WeActRadio host David Shuster and TWT Senior Op-ed Columnist Emily Miller. Future interviews may bring the pair together in person or by phone — the feature will evolve. Want to be paired up with a liberal or conservative journalist for an interview or tell us who you’d like to see featured? Write us at or

1. How do you feel being at the Democratic National Convention? Please describe the experience.

Emily: As a conservative, I feel like a fish out of water…. even with the torrential downpours we get everyday. To get interviews, I’ve had to catch people walking between the arena and the convention center. That’s how I got Ashley Judd, Terry McCauliffe and Bill Burton. They are trapped on the narrow sidewalk with the barriers on the inside, so there’s no escape. That said, they have all been very accommodating and gracious in giving the Democratic positions on issues, which I appreciate because hearing from both sides makes for stronger opinion pieces.

David: I feel drained.  The long walk through security each day is horrific.  Seriously, I had an easier time getting into Baghdad’s green zone during Iraq’s civil war then I’ve had getting past the security checkpoints into this convention.

2. What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen?

Emily: I went from a sea of blue blazers and summer shift dresses at the Republican convention in Tampa to Minnie Mouse guy and rainbow angel guy. And I’m too stiff, but I keep getting jolted by people breaking into song and dance in their seats.

David: Five or six concession stand workers were just getting hammered trying to accommodate a lengthy line of delegates and others trying to order food.  A delegate with an AFSCME cap (American Federation of State and County Municipal Employees) started proclaiming in a very loud voice that it was “time to organize and unionize” the concession workers because “after all, this is a Democratic convention.”  Indeed, but maybe the dems should have thought about this ahead of time as opposed to the moment they crave a bobcat burger?

3. Any disturbing moments?
Emily: It’s a shock to see women walking around sporting the “SLUTS VOTE” pins that are being given out by the Illinois delegation.

David:  I was a bit disturbed when a few of the Breitbart folks started flirting with me. Ewwww.

4. Best thing you’ve eaten so far this week?
Emily: The only food in the Time Warner arena is concessions. I managed to hold out on the junk food all day Tuesday, but by the time Rahm Emanuel spoke, I was hungry enough to bite off my own finger. After asking the concessions lady for any grilled options, I finally gave in and ordered fries. I coated them in ketchup and sneaked them in the food-banned arena for Michelle Obama’s speech. I felt her glaring from the stage.