The Job Post: AOL Creates New Social Media Director Role

1006_jobpost_200x200Nadine Cheung, our jobs correspondent regularly highlights great social media jobs in “The Job Post”.

You’ve got tweets! AOL has been making some major changes lately, and now the Web company is on the hunt for a Twitter-y, Tumblr-y, techie-loving individual to become its new social media director. The gig involves driving online buzz, traffic and strategy with a distinct combination of leadership, excellence and fun.

The ideal candidate will be able to launch social media initiatives across marketing, editorial and product platforms, bringing brand-building and corporate communications expertise. You’ll be leading the development of social media strategy and create a virtual army to help spread your message far and wide.

To be considered, you’ll need at least two years of experience developing and implementing digital/social media strategy for media brands. You should have an impressive understanding of social media trends and be able to evaluate and analyze online behavior. If this sounds like your dream job, apply here. Oh, and make sure to clean up your profiles before you hit send.