The ISG Top 25 MySpace Games for July 2009


Because MySpace only reports game installs and not monthly active users, it can be difficult to clearly see what is going on within the platform. Nevertheless, we do what we can with the information available to see how the different apps are doing. While we don’t usually see major changes within the top 25 titles, there is always something of merit to take away from these numbers.

In the past month we have seen some interesting drops in install numbers, as well as some curious gains, and we even saw the appearance of a new game from the folks over at Playdom.

The highlights:

  • As per usual, Zynga and Playdom completely dominate the top games or game-like apps for MySpace. 20 out of the possible 25 belong to one of these two developers, with an even 50/50 split between the two.
  • Mobsters still beats out Mafia Wars for the #1 spot despite the larger number of Mafia installs this month over last month (approximately 60,000 more than Mobsters).
  • Poker Palace continues to do significantly better on MySpace than on Facebook (so far), with the #12 spot and over 3 million total users.
  • Beyond Mobsters, Sorority Life continues to be the most popular of the Playdom RPG’ish games at #13, pulling in 213,736 more users than last month for a total of 2,659,417.
  • Gang Wars had a negative monthly change of almost 7,000 while Dragon Wars gained 15,000. However, the monthly users for gang warfare still beats out the fantasy RPG by roughly 50,000 people.
  • Lastly, the Playdom title Bloodlines makes an appearance at #24 with 1,334,059 installs. The newcomer beats out Zynga’s military RPG Special Forces at 1,330,808 and knocks other Zynga game, Pirates – Rule the Carribean!, off the list.

Ever since Playdom revealed itself, it has continued to strengthen its position on the MySpace Platform. However, Playdom is still struggling to gain a beachhead on Facebook, while Zynga has five of the top 25 games on Facebook.  It will be interesting to see how the company, who is hiring rapidly, focuses its efforts in the coming months.