The Internet to You: “It’s the Type, Stupid!”


By way Airbag, and later our inbox, we found this interesting posting that people have likely been talking about in their collective circles. It’s Information Architects Japan’s piece “Web Design is 95% Typography.” A really interesting read, about how type is clearly the most important element of a site, yet it’s often the most neglected because people find it dull or don’t understand its importance. Also, the article is beautifully laid out and the comments, with a few notable exceptions, of course, are a blast to read. Here’s some:

The main – usually whiny – argument against typographical discipline online is that there are only few fonts available. The second argument is that the screen resolution is too low, which makes it hard to read pixeled or anti aliased fonts in the first place. The argument that we do not have enough fonts at our disposition is as good as irrelevant: During the Italian renaissance the typographer had one font to work with, and yet this period produced some of the most beautiful typographical work.