The Inside Scoop on Successful People Versus Unsuccessful People

visionHave you ever wondered what makes a winner stand out from the pack? According to a post on LinkedIn, there are several differences between successful people and unsuccessful people at work.

The post was written by Dave Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Local, and his idea was generated from a postcard by Andy Bailey that pointed out the differences.

Embrace change vs. fear change. Yes, change is inevitable but the question boils down to how you’ll react to it. The piece suggests we need to embrace change especially considering technology accelerates faster and faster. Embrace rather than “fear it, deny it or hide from it.”

Want others to succeed vs. secretly hope others fail. This is key. In order to be successful, when someone else in your organization wins, you win. When you win, they win.

Exude joy vs. exude anger. This is a zen approach but makes total sense. Isn’t it better karma to be happy? The piece mentions, “When people are happier they tend to be more focused and successful. If a person exudes anger, it puts everyone around them in a horrible, unmotivated mood and little success comes from it.”

Accept responsibly for your failures vs. blame others for your failures. As a leader, you’ll need to accept responsibilities for your success. Along with the territory, you’ll need to accept the same responsibilities for your failures. Blaming others doesn’t exactly get you anywhere. 

Talk about ideas vs. talk about people. Um, hello high school! Gossip is pretty much a waste of time and it also exudes negativity. And oh yeah, most of the time stories get stretched out of proportion so they’re not even true. Successful people talk about ideas. They share ideas and that generates even more ideas.