The Hype Before the Storm: The Brit Insurance Designs of the Year Awards


Either the buzz is starting to build or the PR people are earning their money, as word is getting out about the winners of the Brit Insurance Designs of the Year awards are set to be announced next week. In its very first year, and labeled as “the design world’s answer to the Turner Prize,” the nominees have come from nearly every possible category, from art project things to stuff like the iPhone and the Nintendo Wii. Here’s a little from the Guardian:

One winner in each category, decided by a panel of judges including architect and designer Antonio Citterio, will be announced on March 11, with the overall winner named a week later.

Dejan Sudjic, director of the Design Museum, says: “Awards are very difficult to get right, but by making it an award for a work rather than an individual, we are avoiding any ‘celebrity of the person’. We hope the awards will give people a chance to say, ‘Wow, what an exciting world design is’, and realise how central it is to our cultural life.”

Meanwhile, in the same paper, over at Jonathan Glancey‘s blog, he’s already seeing problems with the awards, saying ,”Uh-oh…here’s another new award described, as all awards in fields of creative endeavour must be, as the ‘Turner Prize of’. Of what, this time?” His major issue with the whole thing is that it seems like it’s nothing more than a “let’s give awards to our friends!” (so it’s a lot like every entertainment awards ceremony?). Great take on it and we’re sure to start seeing how it all pans out and, ultimately, how successful it will be, starting next week.