The Hungarians Take Home the Electrolux


‘Tis also the season of award giving and it looks to be a hot time in Hungary this week, as the team from Moholy-Nagy University of Art & Design has been given the Electrolux Design Lab award for its E-wash machine. The competition is entirely student-focused and asks that teams from universities come up with “environmentally sound, commercially viable products and solutions that would enable consumers to live in greater harmony with the environment” (a description that probably helps explain why our device, a machine that emits smog and is powered by the souls of baby pandas, didn’t get picked). The Hungarian team came up with a machine that washes clothing but doesn’t use any soap. Instead, it uses a nut, a soap nut (which you’ve got to imagine comes from the best smelling trees around). Here’s some:

“E-wash is a brilliant connection between ancient knowledge and high-tech,”comments juror Henrik Otto, Head of Global Design for Electrolux. “It takessomeone open-minded to look for solutions from somewhere else and applythem to his own culture.”

“The soap nut is a natural plant and can be cultivated. It does not harm nature but is a part of it,” said Szabo. “The other problem was the form ofconventional washing machine. I reduced the size and made it flat, so it would fit into a small apartment, but also would be able to wash a lot of clothes at the same time.”