The Hill: If you can’t win the day, win the overnight!?

After reading for the fifth time Francine McMahon’s announcement of  The Hill‘s cutting-edge, new “Overnight” eNewsletter, I’m left completely confused.  Apparently the product is a late-night wrap-up of the day’s top stories yet the tag line reads: “Why find out tomorrow, when you can know tonight?”  Is The Hill’s publisher suggesting that most people read yesterday’s news today?  If so, I think I may have solved a major business problem for her publication…

Perhaps a better slogan would be: If you can’t win the day, win the overnight!  Catchy, no?

Announcement from McMahon below:

As THE HILL continues to innovate in print and online, there is a new product we think will especially help you do your job.

We have just introduced a new evening eNewsletter, “Overnight,” a wrap-up of key stories of the day and a look ahead at legislation and regulation in specific areas including Energy, Finance, Healthcare and Technology.  Below is a sample of the Overnight:  Healthcare version.  To begin your complimentary subscription, please click here.

I invite you to utilize this new resource and as always, turn to THE HILL for comprehensive  news.

Best regards,

Francine McMahon

*Note to Francine: please, just say “NO” to caps lock.  Who do you think you are…POLITICO?