The Guardian Gets a Facelift (then responds about said facelift)


By way of Andy Rutledge, then by way of Mark Boulton, then by way of scouring the site itself, we found that the Guardian newspaper in the UK has just completely overhauled their site. It’s great looking, for sure, but what we really dug was Emily Bell‘s posts on the paper’s blog, first announcing the change, and then answering questions they’d received about the redesign, both positive and very negative. Here’s a little from the latter:

The majority who posted on the blog don’t like it and some want the old one back – an understandable reaction to any change to the familiar. Sorry, it’s not coming back.

So to cheer myself up I went through the email inbox where it turns out the positive and negative are absolutely evenly balanced – but those who don’t like it are certainly keen to express distaste in a lengthier form.