The Guardian Circa 1821

Talk about being both innovative and retro. In honor of its 190th anniversary, the fine folks at The Guardian recently unveiled the 1821 Vintage Limited Edition.

That’s right — it looks like a real, old fashioned newspaper. Complete with authentic engravings and rules. But it’s on your computer. You can practically hear the newsboys selling the afternoon edition on the corner of the street.

The editors clearly had a lot of fun putting this together and crafting their language appropriately. My two favorite bits include the description of Twitter and where to find this version of the paper (try and guess what the establishments are in today’s English).

  • “Some clever use of mechanical legerdemain allowed the staff to reroute requests by readers to publicise the daily news through the means of Twitter, a new Tachygraphe that conveys 140 character messages which are then deliver’d via Carrier-Pigeon.”

It’s really cool looking at’s present online homepage and comparing it to how things would have been presented in the 19th century. I especially found it fun to compare today’s print front page with their imagined 1821 version!

And in the words of The Manchester Guardian, you are cordially invited to “graffiti all complaints at the bottom of this article.”