The Gist on Zeitgeist

So what does everyone think about Dana Milbank’s new Washington Post / Slate feature, “Zeitgeist Checklist“, which debuted this past weekend?

Some background:

    The Zeitgeist Checklist is back. With the blessing of Charles Freund, who devised the checklist for Washington City Paper in the 1980s, Slate and the Washington Post Outlook section are today reviving this weekly gauge of what Washington is talking about.

Zeitgeist is Milbank’s most recent feature, after the short lived “Washington Week in Preview” withered on the vine recently.

FishbowlDC loved Week in Preview and thought it was just what Washingtonians needed to get their week started on the right foot. Isn’t Zeitgeist just one more news roundup (like all the weekend talk shows)? And if it’s in the Outlook section, shouldn’t it be looking forward, instead of backwards?

True, the Post does still do a much more simpler week in review feature, but it’s not as extensive and witty as it was under Milbank and Slate doesn’t run a longer version of it on their website.

Reader thoughts?