The Ganzfeld Looks Sweet, Even If It Isn’t Paranormally Inclined


We were blithely (as everything we do is) checking our email this morning, when we received a missive from our friend Phil Patton, subject line dollar store paintings, body See The Ganzfeld.

Being philistines, we had no idea what he was talking about, why we’d gotten this email, or what the Ganzfeld might even be. A click to every journalist’s favorite source later, and we discovered a site devoted to discussing the ganzfeld experiments, which provide “scientific proof of telepathy or clairvoyance.”

We were totally psyched and in the middle of setting up our mock sensory isolation chamber when we googled a little more and realized that Phil probably meant The Ganzfeld, the publication, which has returned from an eighteen-month absence with The Ganzfeld 4: Art History?, a “mammoth exploration of art history in questionable taste.” They describe further:

A special section is devoted to “artists on artists”, for which three generations–Peter Saul, Karl Wirsum, David Sandlin, and Marc Bell–drew stories about their influences: Salvador Dali, Dick Tracy, H.C. Westermann, and Philip Gustun. Also featured is a lengthy, brilliantly funny examination of Led Zeppelin’s Presence album cover, and features on thrift store paintings, obscure animators, Renaissance inventions…

It’s $30, so it’ll take a couple days of “working” for us to be able to afford it, but we’re looking for a copy. You should too.