The Free My Phone Movement

This is one of those movements that I sympathize with but don’t think will get very far (unfortunately): Freepress’…

Free My Phone

This project is attempting to break the smartphone exclusivity agreements between manufacturers and mobile phone carriers. Examples are BlackBerry Storm and Verizon and Apple iPhone and AT&T. The argument is a reasonable one: Exclusive contracts between a mobile carrier and manufacturer limits availability of innovative devices to consumers. This, in turn, limits innovation and compeitition.

Free My Phone has a petition you can sign that is sent to your U.S. Senators, Representative and the FCC. I don’t see a count of how many people have used this petition on the Free My Phone website, however.

I have no particular expertise in political influencing. However, I’ve been told that what really gets serious attention by elected officials are phone calls to their office and mailed signed hard copy letters.