The Four FRONT Women at the Forefront of Design Miami


Over at Dezeen they have the news about Swedish design firm FRONT taking home the 2007 Designer of the Future Award from Design Miami / Basel, meaning they’ll be getting top billing come June when said fair hits said town, as well as getting the chance to put up a whole featured installation showing themselves off. We’ll likely have someone on the ground covering it, and we’ll get them to swing by and take a look at what they come up with, so check back with us next month, eh? Here’s a bit about the big win for FRONT:

From initial concept to final product FRONT challenges traditional conventions of design with idea-driven work that powerfully reinterprets everyday objects. The collaborative process of four unique personalities consistently yields extraordinarily imaginative results, at once playful and thought provoking, that actively engage the user at a high level.

For Design Miami/ Basel, FRONT has created three new pieces — a chest of drawers, a chair, and a lamp — that seem to disappear, defy gravity and light up without a bulb. Each piece in the Magical collection is designed to entice the visitor to explore, touch and experience the work in order to find out “how is it possible?”

It better be a damn fine lamp if we’re really going to be asking ourselves how a lamp is possible.