The Fishies think all of this is BULL****!

…but hell, what do you expect with James Carville nattering in our ear? Seriously, we feel an unexpected twinge of sympathy for Robert Novak, because who knows what kind of pressure he’s under? Because, who knows what exactly he told the Grand Jury? Because, who knows what’s in those eight redacted pages in the appeal court decision? Riiiight. No, we don’t know much, but we know we love weekends, and expect that you do too. So enjoy yours, and come back to us Monday for the best of the week that was. Hint: it will include Robert Novak swearing on national TV. We feel bad, but not that bad.

Update: Gone Fishing? Fish Going. That only makes sense if it’s on an acid rain poster, like the one in my parents’ cottage. Let’s stop acid rain! Either way, Fishies after the jump.

1. Jonathan Franzen, No Longer Intellectually Alone In The World: We would have given the Observer’s “summer reading list of random celebs” a Fishy just for the fact that “Harry Potter” was the most-mentioned choice, and for the fact that I now have it in print that Nicholas Kristof and I have the same reading list (HP and Freakonomics)(okay, he’s also “dipping into Leslie reagan’s When Abortion Was A Crime, to help me think about the Supreme Court Fight” and I, um, am not). We also loved what we think may be the first earnest response from Neal Pollack in print, not to mention David Brooks’ pick “for earnest self-improvement,” Donald Kagan’s Pericles of Athens and the Birth of Democracy and the fact that Frank Gehry listens to Homer. But the best was Jonathan Franzen, who can’t refrain from letting us all know how smart he is even when he’s giving props to something written by someone else: “I’ve just finished reading the second issue of the new journal n + 1…just when you’re thinking you’re intellectually alone in the world, something like n+1 falls into your hands.” Oh, poor Jonathan Franzen! Perhaps you should dip into Tom Wolfe’s recommendations and try The Abs Diet by David Zinczencko. As he no doubt is aware, you’re far less alone in the world when you have hot abs.

2. It’s the reason I never watch CSI: In this week’s Entertainment Weekly, Jennifer Armstrong takes TV’s procedural dramas to task for excessive and graphic violence against women (ref’d here). Two points are made: most of the writers are men, and plenty of the consumers are women. Either way, those shows creep me out. I’m glad I have three locks on my door and a deadbolt on my window. In a random coincidence, a commercial featuring Stephen Colbert “looking for Mr. Goodwrench” clearly isn’t meant to evoke a Diane Keaton movie, and yet.

3. John Gibson: “Big Enough To Admit The Frenchies Did Something Right” Fox News’ John Gibson of “The Big Story” drew fire for saying that he wished the French had gotten the Olympics so they could be the target of terrorism. Classy. But while he didn’t exactly say “I’m sorry” earlier this week in his “My Word” segment, he did offer major props to the Air France crew that shepherded the 297 passengers on board to safety (plus the 12 of them). “The Frenchies did it and what the heck, I’m big enough to say the Frenchies did something right. So there you go. A big congrats to the French aircrew. Now, is all forgiven?” Bien sur, John, bien sur.

4. “Mr. Novak, who stalked out of a live program on CNN on Thursday after uttering a profanity on the air, declined to be interviewed for this article.” Oh, NYT, you’re so genteel, I love it.

5. Two words: Bob Novak. Oh, Bob Novak, you’re so genteel, I love it. We ALL love it. Thanks for all the ink, and for perking up these sleepy, languid days of August! We can’t wait to see what you do next.