The Failures of Bravo Design Show Winners

The truth we all fully realize but choose to push away is brought out into the light in this fantastic, lengthy feature in New York Magazine, “The Near Fame Experience,” by Jennifer Senior. It’s all about the lack of success had by Bravo reality show winners and contestants, like the designers who have appeared on shows like Project Runway and Top Design who have become recognizable for being on television, but hardly for becoming great successes in their careers. It’s also a terrific look at Bravo’s reinvention as the king of “more serious” reality programing from its past when it was kind of like the cousin to IFC and The Sundance Channel (which we liked a lot better, thank you very much). If you can, even if you don’t watch any of these shows, set aside a few minutes to read the whole thing. It’s a great piece on this not-so-dirty-little-secret.