The Facebook Profile Page Should Support FriendFeed-style Communcation

While some developers have speculated that the upcoming Facebook profile redesign may include in-line commenting and content creation inside the new Feed, Facebook has confirmed to me that this is not part of the upcoming release. All content creation will happen via Facebook’s new “Publisher” (think souped up Wall attachments), not within the Feed itself.

However, like others, I think adding FriendFeed-style commenting (or better yet, a fully-featured Publisher) inside the Feed would facilitate even more constructive communication on the Facebook profile. Many in the tech community have already turned to FriendFeed over blog commenting in many cases because the conversations are more centralized in one place and more private than the open web. Supporting in-line content creation would also be better for application developers because it would allow more scenarios for richer interaction.

If Facebook were to add in-line commenting and content creation to the Feed, would you use it?

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