The End of the Bottoms: Toto Ads Forced to Cover Up

Following up on a story we were covering back in June (as well as this very odd initial follow-up), the NY Post is reporting that the Times Square Church has gotten its way and the “assvertising” Toto ads are being covered up. Apparently after going all the way to court with the thing, the company “saw the light” and have placed a big white bar across anything even remotely revealing. And by “saw the light” we of course mean that this was in the advertising plan from the beginning because they were hoping that some group would get upset, raise a stink, have that result in far more press than the campaign would have ordinarily received, and laugh all the way to the bank. Here’s the funniest part, from the very end of the story:

The interdenominational church operates a day-care center and Bible school and has more than 1,000 children attending services each week, court records say.

We can only imagine that we were just a scant few days out from all of their brains collectively exploding, had the Church not acted as swiftly as they have. Can you even begin to comprehend the horrors they’ve suffered from seeing naked posteriors?!