The Death of Poster Designer John Alivn and the Joy of the Movie


We don’t know if this is the case for you, but with us, when you read the announcements that an actor like Roy Scheider passes away, it reminds you of how much you enjoy movies. Unlike, say, George Clooney or Angelina Jolie, actors who are always in the news and always being talked about, in either rarely for movies themselves, it’s nearly impossible to separate yourselves from their personal lives and the film up there on the screen. But when Scheider’s name tragically popped up this week, a name we hadn’t seen around much, we were reminded of his work, the movies he was in, and, in general, the magic of film, instead of getting tethered by the endless, meaningless fluff surrounding some celebrity we’ll never meet. But Scheider wasn’t the only one to pass away recently, nor was he the only one whose memory got us thinking about the giddy innocence that comes with film: John Alivn, one of the legends in film poster design, recently died. The “E.T.” poster? That was his. “Blade Runner“? John Alvin again. So while, like Scheider, his name not be one we’ve heard a lot of lately, or if ever at all, his life’s work reminds us of how incredible and rewarding the draw of a movie can be.