The Daily Meal’s Recipe For Success

(Do forgive the pun in this post’s title. It is honestly taking every ounce of strength I possess to not merely type “CRANBERRY SAUCE” over and over, for each and every post.)

The Daily Meal, the food-centric web offering from Jim Spanfeller’s Spanfeller Group, has entered into a collaboration with, which has agreed to power the site’s recipe database and search engine, culling recipes from over 450 sources across the internet. Daily Meal visitors can narrow their search by keyword, cuisine, ingredient, meal or occasion.

In addition, The Daily Meal also includes recipes from top chefs such as Pichet Ong, Jamie Leeds, Anita Lo and Chris Cosentino.
Explains RecipeBridge’s co-founder, Andy Theimer:
We’re excited that chose’s search technology to provide its users with a great recipe search experience and unparalleled access to the best recipes on the web.