The Daily Meal Owners Line Up $6 Million In Funding

Spanfeller Media Group, the company founded by ex-Forbes exec Jim Spanfeller, has closed $6 million in funding, Business Insider reports.

Spanfeller Media Group is the publisher behind The Daily Meal, a food site that launched six months ago and boasts Colman Andrews of Saveur fame as editorial director.

Business Insider says that SMG will be using the money to launch two other verticals, the first online by the end of the year and the next by mid-2012. What those are he hasn’t said, but they won’t be business, finance, sports, entertainment or tech.

SMG is also going to use some of that $6 million to hire salespeople, which hasn’t happened yet. “We are starting to actively pursue revenue this month, basically. Part of the funding will be use to hire a sales team for the first site,” he told Business Insider.

Want to get in on the ground floor of the mystery new vertical? Check out SMG’s spartan careers page here.