How Can I Make It About Me?

Reports and rumors were swirling yesterday afternoon that the leadership in the House would stop their ongoing investigation of Eric Holder and the Fast and Furious program. The conservative blogosphere erupted in anger over the prospect and began tweeting about it. The Daily Caller’s Matthew Boyle took notice and proclaimed on Twitter to say, “I can say I’ve been about as close as anyone to #FastandFuriousinvestigation and rumors that Boehner shutting it are NOT true.” He’s been as close “as anyone” to this investigation? Being the Senior Senator from Douchebagistan brings him such privileges. But let’s give Baby Boyle the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he misspoke since he’s  still reeling from the vicious “assault” that he withstood from a bodyguard the other day. But, Boyle continues. He says, “I can tell you if it ended, I’d get one of the first phone calls from Congress.” Call me crazy, but I think Congress might have their priorities out of whack if the first person they think to call about this is Matthew Boyle.

He thinks SO highly of himself that he says that it wouldn’t just be one or two members of Congress. He says, “My phone would be ringing off the hook with members of Congress demanding it be opened back up.” Whatever you say, Baby Boyle. Time will tell if this Fast and Furious report is true or not. We’re sure you’ll be there making it ALL about you when we find out.

Unless, of course, it’s nap time or you need a diaper change.