The Continued Growth of the ‘What Will Michelle Obama Wear?’ Cottage Industry

As with election night, when all parties interested were abuzz wondering which designer Michelle Obama would pick to design her attire, so it is again with the upcoming inauguration. Nearly every paper in the country, like here with the Detroit Free Press, are calling on local designers to talk about what they think she should choose, what it will say, and even drawing up some of their own sketches, perhaps hoping that lightning strikes and they are blessed from on high to land the commission. Elsewhere, the NY Times has this interesting story up about Mrs. O, a site dedicated to tracking the future First Lady’s wardrobe selections and where you can buy what she buys (the piece also delves into the ad agency behind it, Bartle Bogle Hegarty and the idea of building content for yourself and skipping the client work, or attracting more, which is an interesting read in and of itself). Finally, nearly every museum within a hundred mile radius of Washington D.C. have broken out the dust mops, the Pledge, and the Windex and are sprucing things up for the upcoming arrival of millions of potential visitors — something akin to the one-time-only museum version of the Friday after Thanksgiving, we’re thinking.