The City Room Gawks At Gawker

We did our previous posts on the employee exodus at Gawker, but some people we know just aren’t satisfied. Seriously — it’s some kind of bizarre new media schadenfreude that keeps on getting combined with (premature) obits for the death of snarky blogs… Weird.

In any case, the New York Times City Room blog has just summarized nearly everything written about Gawker since friday in one neat link dump. They didn’t mention us, but hell.. We’ll forgive them. Seriously, people — it’s extensive.

As for that old New York article on Gawker, Choire Sicha summarized his take in an interview with Gothamist:

It was fine. I like Vanessa [Grigoriadis, author of the article] a lot; I think she’s really smart. I would like some day to read her original version of the piece. I think it got sort of mangled in edits. I think they were interested in schadenfreude and I would have liked to have heard more of Vanessa’s original take. […] I wrote a couple of posts about it and they didn’t really seem worth publishing.