The Buckminster Fuller Challenge: Think of Something! Anything!


How’s this for a competition? It’s The Buckminster Fuller Challenge and it requires you to do…something. And for that, if you win, you’ll earn $100,000. Really, that’s about as open as it is. You have to do is put together a short 1500 word write-up identifying a problem in the world, your way of designing something that possible might fix it and include “who will vouch for you and your plan” (honest, that last one is rule #5). You do that and they like your idea: there’s your money. Granted, it’s probably gotta be fairly brilliant, so you might as well stop drawing up your “an easier way to eat three hot dogs at once” blueprints, but it’s about the most open contest we’ve ever seen and we can’t wait to see what comes of it. Here’s a little about the entry criteria:

The Buckminster Fuller Challenge seeks submissions of design science solutions within a broad range of human endeavor that exemplify the trimtab principle. Trimtabs demonstrate how small amounts of energy and resources precisely applied at the right time and place can produce maximum advantageous change.