The Blio eReading Platform Has Arrived

Ray Kurzweil’s Blio eReading software has arrived. The application was developed by the inventor Ray Kurzweil and K-NFB Reading Technology through its partnership with distributor Baker & Taylor.

The software was developed to enhance the visual experience of eReading. Lifehacker has more: “You can read in a variety of styles including page at a time, side by side, with intelligent zooming, or even a 3D book view. Voice to text support allows Blio to read aloud to you while highlighting the text. Blio also supports direct insertion of notes, highlighting, links, and images to heavily annotate the text for future study.”

You can download the free software here. It is currently available for PCs and Toshiba laptops. Users can shop for books, as well as access a library of public domain titles through the Blio bookstore.

Toshiba’s Libretto W105 comes with the app already installed. In the coming months, Blio will be rolled out worldwide through device manufacturers, retailers, mobile carriers and educational institutions.