The Biggest Interview Sin: Arrogance

The biggest interview sin isn’t forgetting to send a thank-you note, it’s acting cocky, according to a new survey from The survey asked more than 2,000 hiring managers what mistakes recent college grads made in the job-hunt process, and 63 percent of them went with “acting bored or cocky.”
The next top four are also somewhat surprising: dressing inappropriately comes in second, followed by “coming to the interview with no knowledge of the company,” “not turning off cell phones or electronic devices,” and “not asking good questions during the interview.” Really? The vaunted thank-you note was last on the list at 12 percent.
In the media industry and other high-profile, high-glamor positions it’s becoming more accepted to project a certain, er, confidence. But if this survey is to be believed, job seekers may be better off making sure that “confidence” is projected more carefully.