The ‘Big D’ Upset at the New ‘Big D’


More random branding fun from reader Lee Shiney, who we always look forward to hearing from. This time around, it’s another story from Texas (whose people always seem to have big issues with logo swaps), and centers around the Dallas school district, who are up in arms about their new logo:

But some trustees were upset they weren’t consulted about the design. They also had strong opinions about the design.

Trustee Jerome Garza thought it looked “real busy.” Trustee Leigh Ann Ellis thought the figures of the students looked a “little goofy” and compared them to Pillsbury Doughboys. Trustee Ron Price said the design does not represent Dallas’ “macho” image. For Trustee Nancy Bingham, it just didn’t “jump out.”

Some voiced concern that the district had planned to unveil the logo without first showing it to the board.”In the spirit of ‘team,’ don’t come and say, ‘This is what we’re going to use,’ ” said Trustee Lew Blackburn. “We are the board; we are the governors of this district. It might be nice if you all asked us.”