The Believer–We Believe


The Believer needs to get real: we want to read all of it on our screens.

To tease us with just a little snippet of an interview with Mike Allen or a few paragraphs of William Poundstone’s latest obsession is wrong. Worse, there’s only a tiny fraction of an interview with Wanda Sykes, especially when she’s talking about Spielberg’s plane:

WS: I was like, I wish I had a gun and a kilo of coke right now. Just because I can. Spielberg has a DVD collection on the jet. And when they gave me the library list, I was like, wouldn’t it be funny if I open this and it’s all E.T. and one copy of The Color Purple?

Yes, we could buy a subscription and support the ever growing McSweeney’s empire, but we’d rather whine.