The B-To-B Jobs Outlook: Not Great

In a recent American Business Media survey, 70 percent of the trade organization’s members report having reduced workforces this year, and the general consensus is that the economic crisis will claim 15% of all b-to-b publishing jobs this year.

To further business-to-business woes, 80 percent of respondents have frozen or plan to freeze salaries and a third have actually reduced salaries, with just one in five saying the reductions are temporary.

“This is probably the worst thing we’ve gone through since the 1930s,” ABM president and CEO Gordon Hughes told FOLIO: when the mag caught wind of the survey yesterday. “Did we find out much we didn’t already know? Not really. But, this is a confirmation for our members to say that while what they’re doing is difficult, it’s what they need to do now to stay in business, and is what their peers are doing, too.”

Note that ABM represents just 283 member organizations, not all of whom are magazine publishers, and approximately 20% of the group’s publisher members participated in the survey. A statistician may roll his eyes but we say take with a grain of salt yet don’t disregard the bigger picture.