The Atlantic Poaches Gawker Editor

Gawker Editor Richard Lawson is going to work for The Atlantic Wire. He will be a senior writer covering entertainment and culture for the pub’s news- and opinion-tracking site. He starts on Nov. 2. This is the second time he has left Gawker — in 2009 he departed for

Lawson broke the news on the site today, reports Capital, inserting it into a post he wrote on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” He writes, “As it would happen tomorrow is my last day writing for this site,” Lawson wrote. “I am not departing this internet, of course. I’ll be at the Atlantic Wire next week.”

He also wrote something slightly self-revealing on Twitter early Tuesday morning: “I think I’m way less of the typical ‘Gawker writer’ than what comes to mind. This was a totally accidental job, after all.”

Lawson’s new editor had glowing things to say. “Richard is one of the finest writers I have worked with, and I am thrilled he is bringing his unique voice to The Atlantic Wire,” said Gabriel Snyder, the site’s editor.

Shocking so did Bob Cohn, editorial director of Atlantic Digital: “The Atlantic Wire is establishing itself as a great way for busy people to cut through the clutter to find the stories and ideas that matter most right now. Under Gabriel’s leadership, the site has more than doubled its traffic in the last year, and with the addition of Richard to the team, we’re ready to expand our reach and impact. Look for more great hires in the coming months.”

Lawson started at Gawker Media in 2007 as a sales coordinator in the ad department. He soon migrated over to editorial after establishing himself as one of the site’s “most popular” commenters, writing under the name LolCait, according to a release. Lawson has written for The Awl, The Guardian, and Out magazine.