The Atlantic Launches ‘Life’ Channel

Just live moments ago, The Atlantic now has a Life channel. Think online magazine, not TV.

Think rapper Flavor Flav. He opened his new fried chicken restaurant in Clinton, Iowa on Monday and they were there to witness it. Watch out, there’s a KFC next door.

Subject matter includes Food, Health, Travel, Design and Green. The idea is to build on the magazine’s Food channel, which debuted two years ago under Corby Kummer. Associate Editor Daniel Fromson will edit “Life.” Kummer will assume an advisory role. “This might be the only place on the Web where, in the course of a single day, you could find writing from a butcher, a yogi, an architect, a green tech expert, and a renowned travel writer,” Fromson writes in his intro of the project today.

Today’s stories: Plums (stop eating them so you can save them); Flavor Fav Vs. KFC, the rise of women brewers, the next great cancer drug (runs twice because the kinks are still being worked out) and more.

Watch here.

See more features of “Life”…

Features of Life:

  • 9 ½ Questions: A daily Q-and-A with a leading expert from one of the channel’s five subject areas
  • Seven Wonders of the World: In partnership with Atlas Obscura, a virtual tour of fascinating places
  • There’s a New Study….: A close – and sometimes skeptical – look at the latest news from the health and science journals
  • The Stuff of Life: Objects of our affection, from books and furniture to tools and cookware
  • Where in the World:  A regular gallery of images from top destinations
  • Ask Corby: James Beard award-winning food expert and all-around critic Corby Kummer answers reader questions

Other writers who will appear here: Sustainability expert Adam Werback brain injury physician Ford Vox, nutritionist Marion Nestle, food writer Barry Estabrook, health writer Seth Mnookin, green design expert Dawn Danby, travel blogger Gary Arndt, and graphic designer Steven Heller.