The Atlantic Expands Online with The Atlantic LIFE

The Atlantic has expanded its online presence, this time in the form of The Atlantic LIFE.  The new channel offers views on five categories – Food, Health, Green, Travel, and Design, and is edited by Daniel Fromson, an Associate Editor at The Atlantic.

Bob Cohn, Editorial Director for the magazine, says that the new site is an extension of its online Food section, and will feature experts in each of the five categories:

We’ll cover lifestyle with a distinctive Atlantic approach – smart writing and thinking driven by ideas and the news.  By publishing leading journalists and practitioners, we’ll establish a high-low voice that helps us stand out.

If The Atlantic keeps growing at this rate, it’s going to reach the pacific! Sorry, but that was just too good to keep inside. Seriously though, the expansion is a good idea. Despite losing Andrew Sullivan, we expect the magazine to keep riding the waves of its online success. Ha! C’mon, these puns are too easy, no need to get all salty about it. Haha! Oh wow, FishbowlNY might have peaked with this post.