The Atlantic Debuts New A&Q Page

And announces a coming ad campaign.

That’s not a typo in the headline. The Atlantic introduced A&Q today, an answer-focused section of its site that questions conventional wisdom on issues ranging from mass incarceration to government research and development. While A&Q reads as “answer and question,” the title of deputy editor Matt Thompson‘s explanatory note about the project—Answers, Questioned—is a more fitting description of the project’s aim.

“The Internet is filled with answers to life’s conundrums,” he writes. “Many of those answers are helpful, and a great many are suspect, or insufficient, or just wrong. How to figure out which is which? Perhaps by taking the answers as a starting point, rather than the destination.”

There are currently eight topics that have been dissected by Atlantic writers, including climate change and political polarization, with subsequent topics teased with a “coming soon” promise. They, and other new topics, will be rolled out over the next four weeks.

The project is tied to a new ad campaign for The Atlantic, also announced today. The campaign will be handled by Wieden+Kennedy, New York and is set to debut in the spring.

“A&Q is a reflection of how we continue to question easily accepted assumptions. The new platform we’re working on with Wieden+Kennedy will express this same spirit,” said Atlantic president and COO Bob Cohn in a statement, explaining how the two relate to each other.

It will be The Atlantic’s first consumer ad campaign in eight years.