The Atlantic Announces Convention Teams

Pretty much everyone who works at the mag will be there.

The Atlantic

The Atlantic has unveiled the staffers who will have the honor (?) of covering the 2016 Republican and Democratic conventions later this month.

Attending the GOP convention in Cleveland will be Washington bureau chief Yoni Appelbaum, staff writer Molly Ball, contributing editor Peter Beinart, associate editor Russell Berman, senior editor Ron Brownstein, Washington editor at large Steve Clemons, national correspondent James Fallows, columnist Ron Fournier, staff writer Conor Friedersdorf, senior editor David Frum, staff writer David Graham and senior editor Alex Wagner.

Attending the Democratic convention in Philly will be Ball, Beinart, Brownstein, Clemons, Fallows, Fournier, Friedersdorf, and Wagner, along with associate editor Clare Foran, staff writer Vann Newkirk and contributing writer Norm Ornstein.

If that seems like a lot to you, that’s because it is. This is the most staffers The Atlantic has dedicated to the conventions in its 159-year history.