The Associated Press Starts Attributing While The Chicago Tribune Gets Longer, Plus Other News of the Day

– The Associated Press has announced new rules when crediting other news organizations. AP will now recognize when spot news sources came from, in the body of the story. “We should provide attribution whether the other organization is a newspaper, website, broadcaster or blog; whether or not it’s U.S. based; and whether or not it’s an AP member or subscriber,” said AP Senior Managing Editor Michael Oreskes in the announcement of the new rules. This goes further than the past, when AP used a credit line at the end of stories.
Forbes is spreading its wings to another area of the world, and, no, not through the use of blogs. It has agreed to a licensing agreement with United Media Holding to publish a Ukraine version of the magazine. The first issue will launch in the first quarter of 2011.

– The Chicago Tribune will launch a new premium weekly edition in addition to the normal paper. It will cost $5 extra a week and will include long-form thought-provoking reporting and commentary, according to Chicago Reader‘s Michael Miner, who got his hands on a dummy version. “The Tribune is calling this new product by a rich and ancient name, Five Star-signifying the final edition, the one with the ball scores and theater reviews, the one a big city wakes up to in the morning,” wrote Miner. “Sources tell me the Trib hopes to roll it out in January.”

– The Awl’s newest site, Splitsider launched in beta today. It’s the Awl’s attempt at humor. “It’s a blog about movies, TV shows, web videos, books and the people behind them,” said Adam Frucci – a former Gizmodo editor who joined the Awl to start Splitsider – to Ad Age. “But it’s centered around comedy. I feel like there’s a lot of talk these days about how the internet is changing entertainment, but I feel like comedy is really where that’s happening more than anywhere else. ‘Mad Men’ isn’t really threatened by three-minute YouTube videos — ‘SNL’ skits are.”

Photo by JasonDGreat