The Apocalypse Is Upon Us

Left-wing bloggers have praise for FOX News and last night’s debate:

    On this very blog I’ve taken Fox News to task for its overwhelmingly conservative bias and shoddy reporting practices. But tonight, I must stop and give full praise to the network and its big three moderators. Brit Hume, Chris Wallace and Wendell Goler did what MSNBC’s Chris Matthews could not. They played hardball, asking tough questions and inciting the candidates to spar with one another. It made for, dare I say it, exciting viewing.

    Especially memorable was the exchange between Rudy Giuliani and Ron Paul on the reasons that al-Qaida and terrorists in general attack Americans. It was clearly Rudy’s best moment in an otherwise awkward balancing act.

    But back to the moderators. Perhaps what it really took tonight were conservative commentators to ferret out the crucial distinctions between the GOP candidates. The Fox guys did good on this score, and, as a result, tomorrow’s headline will not be about the media, or a bunch of guys who all sounded the same.