That Gawker Article In New York

20071015gould.jpgYes, yes. New York‘s big Gawker story is finally out for public consumption. The angle? Gawker and the Rage of the Creative Underclass. We read through the whole Vanessa Grigoriadis piece, which kicks off with her experiences in having been made fun of by Gawker. Which sucks… but still, virtually every member of the NY journo community, whether A-list or D-list, has felt the blog’s ire occasionally. What we’re interested in is the dirt. Of which… there was less than we hoped. But here we go:

  • Grigoriadis has a bit of a girlcrush on editor Emily Gould.
  • A lot of Gawker editors take drugs. (Is the Pope a Catholic?)
  • As we reported, Nick Denton is really getting into the whole social networking thing.
  • Joshua David Stein has a Serge Gainsbourg tattoo.
  • Neal Pollack: Gawker are “bullies.”
  • Gould: “People in publishing treat you like a celebrity when you do this job, but you live in Brooklyn, make $55,000 a year, and don’t feel like a celebrity until someone comes up to you on the street and says, “Buck up, kid. Jimmy Kimmel‘s an *sshole.”
  • The obligatory OMG-Denton’s-head-is-big and Denton-likes-to-manipulate-journos references.
  • Hey! Gawker’s new book isn’t that good.
  • One of the originally planned names for Gawker? “YouNork.”
  • Julia Allison, Julia Allison, Julia Allison.

    Meanwhile, Gawker honcho Denton engaged in a bit of preventive PR by writing a long disseration on his take on his company’s role in the “culture of bile.”

    Noted: Denton’s blog post preceded New York‘s public release by several hours. Doubly noted: An actual return to the days of blog posts that aren’t about metrics or statistics from him? Damn.

    But getting back to Grigoriadis… Where was the speculation about the various purchase offers for Gawker, mention of the various disenchanted ex-employees of the company or even more than a cursory referral to the fact that they just lost two editors in less than two months, just to mention a few things?


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