Thar She Blows! Jonas Damon’s Moby Tape Dispenser

JDmoby.jpgMissing that fresh Trapper Keeper and a good excuse to load up on new pens? Get in the back-to-school spirit by junking your standard-issue tape dispenser—that clunky black plastic thing—for a wooden one inspired by literature’s most famous whale. The Moby tape dispenser is the latest covetable creation from Jonas Damon, a creative director at Frog Design who has even found a way to improve upon the product design dogma of form following function. His pared-down version, “Form follows,” promotes the idea that “Form is content embodied.” In the case of Damon’s beech wood tape dispenser for Areaware, that content is the squarish face of a whale viewed in profile. Now available for pre-order from Areaware, it’s sure to get you back in the swim of things.