TFT Launches Print Mag

The Fiscal Times (TFT) launched its first annual print magazine edition and a  newly-designed website today. TFT is one of the first news outlets to distribute content through a print edition after launching as a web pub. According to the 11-month-old site, the strategic move “highlights the shifting media landscape and the diverse ways content is published and delivered to consumers.”

The Fiscal Times magazine features a preview of the 2011 fiscal agenda and a critical analysis of the economic and political upheaval that’s driving this year’s major policy decisions. The publication includes reports on the 2011 Congress, the core drivers of federal spending, the new economic growth opportunities and a special back-page essay on global interdependence from President Bill Clinton.  Additionally, the magazine asked 18 prominent Americans, ranging from Howard Schultz to Newt Gingrich, what they would do to ensure the fiscal health of the country in 2011.

The Fiscal Times magazine, priced at $10, is available for sale on the publication’s website beginning today.