Terry, Google’s Good for You. Really

McGraw-Hill honcho Harold “Terry” McGraw expounded yesterday in Manhattan on the evils of the Do-No-Evil Empire, but we can’t help but agree he’s misguided in his concerns. After all, it’s not like Google’s going to let folks have all of Terry’s precious books for free. By letting the masses search within for a few free tidbits – a lovely little taste — there’s a good chance they’ll get hooked and want to pay to get it all.

Through Google, McGraw-Hill gets to reach all kinds of folks his marketing department doesn’t. Plus, those folks may start thinking of new ways to use the info that ultimately add to McGraw-Hill’s bottom line. Once they get into Terry’s tent, his empire certainly knows how to “monetize” — their Construction division, alone, makes millions every year from proprietary databases online.

Or do the books have so little value that one little snippet is all they’re worth? That can’t be the case. Can it?