Temporary Passover baton pass-over

A couple of housekeeping notes.

One, apologies for kind a slow-n-low posting count today. We’re in New York at the mediabistro.com temple for some meetings, and are also pretty jetlagged from the red eye.

Two, all things being equal, we Jews generally prefer to avoid an encounter with the Angel of Death. zah.jpeg.jpg

As such, (and just as a note to readers) FishbowlLA will be under the care and feeding of a couple of highly capable guest bloggers this comining Thursday and Friday, as well as Wednesday and Thursday of next week.

Anything injurious published on those days – well, not my fault. Anything brilliant – clearly, a sign of good taste from yours truly.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I must get back to my matzah pizza.


Claude Brodesser