Telemundo Goes Bilingual

1203masvaletarde.jpgTelemundo is a Spanish-language network. But they (and their NBC Universal overlords) know that many first-generation and nearly all second-generation Hispanic-Americans opt for English-language television. Enter their newest late night show, Mas Vale Tarde. The weekly program is, yup, bilingual.

Mas Vale, hosted by Alex Cambert, debuted on Telemundo last week. As a show, it owes far more to the Tonight Show and Late Night than to Latino creations like Sabado Gigante — game show and dance sequences are replaced by a US-style stand-up routine/sketch/guests format.

According to Cambert:

I have asked every single member of the Telemundo audience (that’s why it’s taken me so long!) and 99.7% said “yes, we are ready for a bilingual show.” I think people are ready. I’m not one of those people that believes in pre-conceived notions and stereotypes. Talking to friends and to people who are young and bilingual, I realized they want this type of programming. This is the program we have been waiting for in many ways (I personally have been waiting for) I think this show is reflective of who we are as young, acculturated, bilingual people living in this country.

As for the host’s style, he’s been described (for better or worse) as a Jerry Seinfeld look-alike who is the “Latino Jay Leno.”

His first guests were telenovela actress Kate del Castillo, brother-of-Julia actor Eric Roberts and musical act Cruz Martinez y Los Super Reyes.